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Hong Kong introduced with cricket by English their first play was in 1841 after 10 years the Hong Kong cricket club established. They played a number of Interpret matches against the mainland of China. They first played in the year of 1866 in Shanghai and first played Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) in 1890.

The SS Bokhara sank in a typhoon there 125 lives loss when she was carrying back a team from Shanghai. Only 23 person survivors. There were only two of the 13 team and other 11 person loss, John Dunn the survey cricketer included them.

They played the last match in 1948 against shanghai. The revolution of Communist in 1949 no more game played in China. The fist international team led to Hong Kong by captain Mike Smith in 1952, and the MCC team first toured in 1966. The MCC played against the national side and won by 74 runs. They achieved the associate membership of ICC IN 1969.

Hong Kong national side played against the MCC after gaining the membership, Tony Lewis was the captain and result was draw. It could not be played ICC Trophy until 1982. Hong Kong team played next match which failed to play future England test match by first round. 

In 1986 Hong Kong participated in the next three ICC Trophy tournaments and again failed to progress in the first round. In 1990 they reaching her plate competition and able to come up in the second round in 1994. So they able to play first in the ACC Trophy in 1996 but could not progress in the first round after defeated by Bangladesh and Fiji.

Hong Kong came back to Chinese control  in 1997 and they saw their record in that year their best result in the ICC Trophy secured eight place. Again they participated in the ACC Trophy in 1998 but lost to Malaysia in the semi final.

Hong Kong appear in the final of ACC Trophy in 2000 it was the qualifying of Asia Cup for 2002 which was conducted in 2004.Hong Kong did not progress in the first round of the 2001 ICC trophy and in the semi final of ACC trophy lost against UAE in the next year. Their fist relish of one day international cricket came to Asia Cup in 2004 but both the first round matches they lost against Bangladesh and Pakistan. In the same year they also lost in the first round of the ACC Trophy.

They did not qualified in the 2005 ICC Trophy in Ireland due to lost against Oman and Bahrain. They arrived in the final of Fast track nation tournament but defeated by UAE. They took part in the International Cup in 2005 for the first time but they defeated by UAE and against Nepal drew the match. In the same year they failed to progress in the fast track nation tournament. In the  final of ACC Trophy Hong Kong again lost to UAE in 2006. They secured fourth of the ACC Premier League. Next year the toured to Darwin, Australia for participate World Cricket league Division three, there they secured fifth place so placed them to Division four of 2008.

Hong Kong participated in ACC Twenty 20 Cup inaugural match inOctober/ November 2007which was held in Kuwait. They played against Kuwait, Singapore, UAE and Saudi Arabia in group B. Hong Kong secured fourth position in their group but unable to appear in the semi final.

Hong Kong played Asia Cup in Pakistan in June 2008. They could not progress in the first round of the four stages. They lost both the match against India and Pakistan.

Hong Kong toured to Dar-es- salaam, Tanzania for took part in the World Cricket League Division Four in October 2008. They won four matches against Italy, Fiji, Jersey and the Hosts and lost in final matches against Afghanistan.


The History of Cricket in Cayman Island has well known as like other West Indians countries. They started to play cricket from 1940 on the mud or marl pitches. The majority of the matches were played among the district of West bay and George Town. They organized the matches to suitable of the age with the visits by Royal Navy ship in the year of 1970. In 1973 they organized a competitive cricket league where involved five teams. They developed the ground and pavilion and the place named Smith Royal Oval. The Venue is now considered as the Mecca of cricketing excitement in Cayman Islands.

Cayman quickly developed their economy by the tourism and financial industries; they brought a large number of expatriates many cricketers were among them. The league began to expanded and increase their quality of the game. They began to increase cricket from the school level in 1996. The cricket included in the five other sporting group of the focus sports. For the reorganizing the constitution of cricket the government appointed a coach to development the quality of cricket in 1997. In 2002 Cayman Island got the affiliate membership of ICC which was improved to Associate membership.

The national team of Cayman Islands entered first regional tournament as an Affiliate country in 2000. they played against Argentina, Bermuda, Canada and USA. The country made a brief history for achievement some outstanding by participating in West Indies for one day regional tournament  against Guyana, Leeward Islands, Windward Islands and Bermuda in 2000. The achieved first place of American Affiliate  ICC tournament which was held in Jamaica  in the year of 2001 and winning the fifth place of the plate tournaments  in the World cup. They qualified the tournament Division five in Malaysia 2005.

Cayman Island secured fourth place in Darwin in Australia 2007 of the World Cup League Division three. There participating Argentina, PNG, Fiji, Hong Kong, Italy Tanzania, and Uganda. Cayman Islands played in the Pepsi ICC World Cricket League Division three in Buenos Aires, They placing fifth in Argentina 2009 against Argentina, Papua, Afghanistan, New Guinea, Uganda and Hong Kong. Their place slowly dropped down in the World Cricket league Division four, it was competed in August 2010 tournament in Italy.

Friday, May 17, 2013


Gibraltar started to play cricket by the British servicemen from the last 18th century. A cricket ground existed in the north of the Rock of Gibraltar from 1888. There playing cricket between the civilian personnel and servicemen in 1822. In 1883 Gibraltar Cricket club established, until 20th century they formed the backbone of cricket by civilian personnel.

Australian national cricket team was carrying by a ship in the way to England which was collision with another ship, so the ship docked in Gibraltar there a cricket match conducted between Gibraltar Garrison team and Australian national team. The local team ware all out by 25 runs, Australian score 150/8.

In 1930 the cricket was flourishing by the local borne players produced of Gibraltar. Due to Second World War break the game because many cricket ground given to military even one converted to airfield.

They found increasing in clubs in 1950s. Gibraltar established the Cricket Association in 1960, associate member of ICC was elected in 1969. After the end English domestic season, Essex Country Cricket Club visited in 1973. There played a one day match against Rock XI, They won the match by 178 runs. Then English various sides started to visit to country.

In the second ICC Trophy Gibraltar participated in 1982 but they did not win any match. In 1986 they improved their performance; they won the first international tournament against Israel. They also show better performance in the next tournament by beating East and central Africa, Singapore and Israel. In 1992 Israel toured in Gibraltar and played against national team, they won the match.

In the ICC Trophy 1994 they finished 20th place and took part first in the European Championship in Copenhagen in the year of 1996, due to lost to Scotland they secure 6th place. The next year ICC Trophy they secured 19th and played in the European Championship in 1998 but finished the last in ten team tournament.

Gibraltar organized a quadrangular tournament, there involving Italy, Israel and France.  In the final they lost against Italy. In 2000 the European Championship divided into two divisions. Gibraltar placed in 2nd division where they won. The next year they toured to Canada for participating in the 2001 ICC Trophy, but there they could not progress in the first round.

European Division two Gibraltar defended their match in 2002, but they did not maintained their success in 2004, secured fifth place of six team. They unable to qualify for ICC Trophy2005 and secured fourth in Division Two of European Championship in the year of 2006. At the 2009 Global Division seven Gibraltar secured the 6th place in the tournament and relegated in the Division eight.  

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Japan first played cricket in 1868 at that time English merchant group living in Yokohama. They established the Yokohama Cricket Club and played their matches a place lastly the place inaugurate Yokohama stadium. Later the Yokohama Cricket Club change the name to Yokohama Country and Athletic Club and cricket play going on .

Until 1980s Cricket did not established in Japan, also Japan Cricket Association was not formed. In 1989 they achieved affiliate membership of ICC. In 1996 the national team first played ACC Trophy, but lost all the matches. They played continued  without win in 1998 and 2000 tournament.

Japan left the Asian Cricket Council after the ACC Trophy in 2000, they grown as a part of East Asia Pacific region of ICC. They participated in East Asia eight tournament in Australia in February 2002, and secured runner up to an Australian indigenous team. In 2004 Japan hosted the East Asia Pacific Cricket Challenge tournament to qualifying for the World Cup 2007.They achieved third place by beating Indonesia in a play off.

Japan became a associate member of ICC in June 2005. In the year Japan played in the ICC East Asia Pacific Cricket Cup 2005 in Vanuatu. They played in final match against Cook Islands and won the tournament. The next year they participated in ICC EAP Cricket Cup 2005 Trophy in Brisbane but they lost all the matches , there also Fiji and Cook Islands involved.

They participated in the ICC EAP Cricket Trophy 2007 in December 2007 in Auckland, New Zealand  and played against the Cook Island, Indonesia, Samoa, Tonga and Vanuatu. They qualified for Division Fiveof World Cricket league by won the tournament. They secured tenth place out of twelve team in Jersey.

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Malaysia started to play cricket since 1880. Many teams formed in Malay but the Federated Malay states and Straits settlements build with the help of British in 1884. Royal Selangor Club was the first cricket Club in present Malaysia. According to record first match conducted between Selangor and Malacca in1887. In 1891 the Selangor played Singapore series. Early in the 20th century cricket played in Johor. In 1927 first foreign cricket team namely Australia visited in the country led by C G Macartney. Malayan made a history by defeated Australia on 06 June 1927. Lal Singh Indian test cricketer who was borne in Malaysia came bake to the country.In 1948 Malayan Cricket Association led to formed for spreading their cricket. In 1963 Malayan Cricket Association established.

Malaysia represent their cricket team in 1970. they achieved the ICC Associated membership after three year at that time they played against MCC side but they lost by 230 runs. Malaysia played first Saudara Cup in the same year against Singapore  but result was draw in the three day match.

Malaysia took part in the first ICC Trophy in  1979 but they unableto progress in the first round. They repeated in ICC trophy 1982 and 1986.

In February 1995 they played first Stan Nagaiah Trophyin Singapore, there Malaysia defeated by Singapore in the three one day match series. They won Stan Nagaiah Trophy and drew Saudara Cup in1996. Acc Trophy tournament Malaysia hosted and finished third position of the group in the first round.

Malaysia started to play major international tournament in 1997. They started with ICC Trophy in 1997 there Malaysia secured 16th place by losing play of to Namibia. In 1998 Pakistani domestic cricket they played one season but they lost all the preliminary round matches. Cricket developed quickly and appear in the Commonwealth Games. They appear in the final of ACC Trophy but lost against Bangladesh.

Malaysia arrived in the semifinal of ACC Trophy in 2000 before defeated to UAE. They could not improved in the first round in 2001 ICC Trophy, but defeated to Nepal in the semifinal of ACC Trophy 2002

In 2004 they  played their first class match , it was the part of ICC Intercontinental Cup. They unable arrived in the semifinal due to lost by both team. In 2004 ACC Trophy hosted in Malaysia, it was the preliminary stage of qualification for ICC Trophy 2005 and also World Cup 2007 but secured jointly seventh place with Bhutan. In 2005 they again played in the tournament and finishing third. Malaysia participated in the ACC Premier League in 2006, they finished fourth. They played ACC Twenty 20 Cup, but they unable to win a single match in 2007.

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Denmark started to play cricket since the mid 19thcentury. First cricket club formed in 1865 with the help of English Railway Engineers. Two teams of English players played a organized match in the following years, Danish players involving in the first match in 1866. Following 20 years the game expanded and 1883 near 30 Club formed. 

Early part of twentieth century England and Scotland visited several tour in the country including well-known Marylebone Cricket Club. They tried to organized a first international cricket match against Netherlands in 1933 but they failed and not completed until 1954. Their first international match played against Oxford University by Danish national side in the year. Then current Danish cricket federation formed.

Their national side started to play primarily Netherlands in 1955. In 1961 their first international match conducted against Scotland and result the match was draw.

In 1966 they achieved associated membership of ICC. In 1969 they first time played against Ireland in Bermuda and drew the match in 1970. They won first time international match against Netherlands in 1972.

In 1974 they played three days first match against Canada but defeated the match and won the limited over match. Against East Africa  and Sri Lanka Denmark played home international match, they defeated East Africa. Next year they visited East Africa. Played against host and  Kenya but drew the both matches.

In 1979 they participated in the first ICC Trophy and arrived in semi final but there lost against Sri Lanka. They unable to took part in the  tournament of 1982. In 1986 they came back to ICC  and secured in the third place by beating Bermuda.

They toured in Australia for 2 one day match in 1989 but defeated first match  by 45 runs and second match by 54 runs. Against Canada they played better at home in the year, there they won at home and outside country against Bangladesh in 1990.

They played ICC Trophy again in 1994 and secured tenth position of the tournament due to defeated by Namibia. They played against France their first match in 1995. In 1996 European Championship Cricket first hosted in the country and there finished third.

They participated first time in the Nat West Trophy in 1999. Next year in Zimbabwe they participated in the ICC Emerging Nations Tournament there the secured fourth, and without winning there place in the last of European Championship. Next year in Canada they took part in the ICC Trophy and secured eighth. In 2002 the MCC visited Denmark to play three matches but host won all the matches.

In 2003 Netherlands toured in Denmark and won the matches. Next year they played against Ireland for two match series but both the match they lost and not qualified for the ICC Intercontinental Cup. The next year in the European Championship finished last.

Denmark again participated in the European Championship in 2006 and secured  fourth by beating only Italy.  First April 2007 they announced that they would join high performance program in the ICC.

They registered a won against Bermuda in August 2007 an One Day International in the country, and they played at the end of October 2007 against domestic team of Kenya. They participated in Division two of the world Cricket League in November 2007 and secured fourth, they qualified to took part in the ICC World Cup in 2009 eventually they finished the last of twelve team. Next they participated in the ICC World Cricket League 2011 Division Three, they finished fifth an d relegated to the Division Four.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Argentina started to play cricket since 1806 and began to play international side from 1868 against Uruguay. Until Second World War they played against Uruguay 29 times there 21 matches won. In 1888 they played a match against Brazil and the next played against Chile in 1893. They national team toured to Santiago for played 3 and half days match by crossing the Andes by mule.

Argentina started to play first class cricket from 1912against the MCC. Three match series played by the national team against the visitor; first match won by them and lost the remainder. The team exclusively formed By the British expatriates the team most of them employed in Railway.

Argentina and Brazil played infrequent fixture match during war period. In 1926/27 first class matches were conducted against an elderly MCC side by them. They played four match series against MCC where lost two and one draw.

Argentine players consisting a South American team toured in England in 1932 and there played seven first class matches and twelve other matches. In December 1938 they played against Chile two match series there Argentina won the series.

The Club began top strong shape until 1950 with Belgrano. BACA, Lomas and Hurilinmgham. The result of national side relatively strong. the national team drown in a low level due to heavy defeated by the MCC in 1958/59.

In 1979 Argentina first played in the ICC Trophy and they were not participated in second 1982 which was conducted in England just after two days of Falklands War. They came back in ICC  in 1986 and continue participated in every ICC until 2001 but they were not qualified for 2005 tournaments.

South American Championship Argentina hosted and won in 2005 and the tournament play still now. First ICC American Championship they also took part in  2000 and secured fifth. MCC toured in Argentina i9nn m2001 and played two match where MCC won the both match. In 2008 Argentina  beat Canada  by 1 wicket

Argentina basically qualified for Division five of the World Cricket League, but due to suspension of USA of International Cricket  they placed in Division three. They finished as runner up in the tournament and qualified for Division two.

Argentina toured to Namibia  in 2007 for participated in ICC World Cricket League Division Two. There they played Denmark, Oman and USE . they also played for qualifier Division Three but they lost all group matches and Division Three of 2009 tournament Argentina relegated back  which was conducted in Argentina from 24-31 January 2009. Argentina struggled again by lost of their five game. Day by day argentine cricket began to go down way.